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LIFE České středohoří




Active conservation of thermophilous habitats and species of Community interest in the České středohoří hills

(Acronym LIFE CS or LIFE České středohoří)


The project LIFE České středohoří is focused on the Litoměřice region. It is the second LIFE project implemented in the ​České středohoří Protected Landscape Area. The project is aimed to support and restore steppe communities. Steppe sites are mostly located only in places that were used as pastures in the past. These historic pastures are now places where we can find rare species of animals and plants. Rare plant species can be found within the project area, e.g. Eastern pasque flower (Pulstailla patens), spear grass (Stipa zalesskii*) and on the slopes that have a moving base so-called “white slopes” we can find the Lady's-slipper orchid (Cypripedium calceolus). From faunal species we can find rock locust (Stenobothrus eurasius bohemicus), green lizard (Lacarta viridis) and a variety of daily butterflies.

Steppes are usually found on the southern slopes of the hills, where the right climatic conditions, such as extreme drought and heat are met. In the past, the steppes were maintained by pasture, which gradually disappeared from the landscape. The absence of pasture leads to the overgrowing of steppe sites by woody species and spreading of non-native species.

Within the LIFE project, traditional farming will be supported to reestablish pasture of sheep and goats in the countryside. The other main acitivity will be awareness raising about steppe problematic and the importance of traditional farming. 


Project implementation:

from 1 August 2017 to 31 December 2023.


Project Objectives:

  • improving the status of steppe habitats and Natura 2000 species using traditional farming managements, especially sheep and goat grazing
  • increasing the area of ​​steppes, stabilizing target species populations, increasing biodiversity in forest stands
  • raising the public's interest in the problematic of thermophilous communities and species, care for them and their sustainable use


Project results:

  • creating a stable and functional structure of thermophilous sites of varying character (diversity within and between sites) and size. The area actively affected by the project is about 277 ha.
  • increase of biodiversity in forest stands 9110 and 9170 by planting of original tree species covering an area of ​​99 hectares and support of species bound to them: The Jersey Tiger*, Stag Beetle, The Hermit Beetle*
  • removal of invasive species such as black locust (at least 19,200 trees) Arrhenatherum elatius and Calamagrostis epigejos (30%)
  • restoration of natural habitat 9180 * Tilio-Acerion forest of slopes, screes and ravines on 3 ha
  • introduction of steppe problematic In farmed landscape to the public and introduction of the importance of traditional ways of farming, active participation of local agricultural entities


Coordinating beneficiary:

Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic


Co-financing body:

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic



The total financial cost of the project is amounted to € 2,458,027, of which EU contributions is to 60%.



project manager: Ing. Gabriela Kubátová


phone: +420 416 574 612





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