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We are sorry but our other websites are still in Czech. Only parts of CHM-CBD are in English and reduced and simplified information in English is on NATURA 2000 web.

Nature Conservancy Central Register

Register contains information about territorially protected areas (national parks, protected landscape areas, national nature reserves, nature reserves, national nature monuments, nature monuments), localities of NATURA 2000 network - SPAs and SCI/SACs, contractually protected areas, memorable trees.





Information about NATURA 2000 network and it¢s Czech part. Directives and their transpozition, species, habitats, localities - pSCI/SAC, SPA, management, monitoring, data, publications, contacts.






Pages on the biomonitoring on the whole territorry of the Czech Republic. The main focus is on natural habitats and species reffered to in Bird's and Habitat's Directives. The presented data and interpretations are results of co-operation of NCA CR with universities, Academy of sciences, museums, NGOs and individual experts.





Preservation programmes

Preservation programmes are prepared for specially protected plant and animal species, whose existence is negatively influenced by man to a large extent. Biological and ecological conditions are considered. Measures for reinforcement of the species population are suggested. For already approved programmes the information is more comprehensive.





Localization of specially protected areas and their buffer zones, zonation of NPs and PLAs, Czech part of NATURA 2000 network - SPA + SCI/SAC + habitat types, international categories of Czech areas and localities, regional and national system of ecological stability



Gateway to data

Gateway to the NCA CR data is a central interface which allows access to data for internal users as well as external ones. Portal includes links to applications, data, map services, species, experts etc. The whole system is built on ORACLE 9i database and is a source of up-to-date nature conservation information.




Clearing-House Mechanism of the Convention on Biological Diversity

Czech information portal on CBD. Basic information about implementation of CBD in the Czech Republic. Links to other information sources.

Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic is a national coordinator of Clearing-House Mechanism and it’s webpages.



 Soil maps

New (2001-2007) soil maps prepared by NCA CR (Department of Soil Monitoring in Brno) on the scale 1:50 000.







ENKI Commonly Beneficial Corp. in cooperation with NCA CR have started webpages on management of wetlands, sustainable fish production, restoration of river systems and streams.



Regional Offices

Regional Offices
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