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Projects and studies

The Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (NCA CR) participates, if possible, on extraordinary projects that are not financed directly from the state budget in the framework of planned activities. A list of more important projects on which the NCA CR participates follows. Purely scientific projects are mentioned in another part of these webpages.

LIFE-Nature Morávka

The regional Authority of Moravskoslezský region is a beneficiary of a LIFE-Nature project (LIFE06 NAT/CZ/000121) "Preservation of alluvial forest habitats in the Morávka river Basin". The objectives of the project are combating of invasive plants (Reynoutria japonica and others), revitalisation of the habitats, restoration of biodiversity in a pSCI Morávka River Basin on Northern Moravia. NCA CR is a project partner. Duration of the project: 2007-2010. More information is on project pages

EU Funds

ANCLP is involved in several projects funded by EU Structural funds. NCA CR is a project partner for regions, municipalities, NGOs. The projects are focused on environmental education; education and information centres; training and advisory for farmers; training and advisory for wetlands and fish-producers.

Project UNDP/GEF Carpathian Grasslands

Project GEFSEC/1705 "Conservation of biological diversity of Carpathian Mountain grasslands in the Czech Republic through targeted application of new EU funding mechanisms" is realised with co-operation with FOA - endowment fund for environmental agriculture. The project is implemented by two regional offices of NCA CR - Administrations of the Beskydy and the White Carpathians Protected Landscape Areas.

The objectives of the project are to improve the ability of farmers to implement priority conservation management of mountain grasslands taking full advantage of newly available funding mechanisms under the EU funds. Motto of a project is "Local farmer is the best nature conservatonist". Duration of a project: 2005-2008.

LIFE-Nature Moravian Karst

First LIFE-Nature project in the Czech Republic is realised in close co-operation with Landtrust Hády (local chapter of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation). The objectives of the project  "Restoration of thermophilous habitats in the Moravian Karst" (LIFE04 NAT/CZ/000015) are evident from it¢ s name.

The project concerns 150 ha of natural and semi-natural vegetation, which are directly managed by the project, of which about 85 % (130 ha) are already proposed as NATURA 2000 and which harbours very rare plants such as Echium russicum and Pulsatilla grandis. The project targets the restoration and sustainable management of sub-pannonic steppic grasslands, pannonic white-oak woods, pannonic oak-hornbeam forests, lime-alder forests of slopes, screes and ravines, and calcareous scree. The traditional grazing will be re-established on part of the area. Restoration actions include the removal of invasive tree species (black locust, Robinia pseudacacia, in particular) and scrub and the instalment of an appropriate grazing management. Duration of the project: 2004-2007.

Countryside development

The NCA is a partner of the Association for the Jizerské Hory mountains, a commonly beneficial organization, in the project Centres of sustainable countryside development in the Liberec region, which started in the context of the operational program of human resources development in 2005.

Phare project

The Phare project - EUROPEAID/114391/D/SV/CZ - Supporting implementation of the NATURA 2000 network in the Czech Republic, was in progress from 2004 to 2005. The project was focused on confirmation of technical and practical competence to administer and manage the Natura 2000 network in the Czech Republic. Training for PLA administrations and national parks staff took place, so that they gained practical and technical capabilities to implement and administer the Natura 2000 network. Activities to increase awareness of the importance of nature conservation and the Natura 2000 network objectives, which were focused on local people, were held. Eleven PLA administrations participated in the project with demonstration localities - special areas of conservation. Thirteen NCA offices were supplied with computer and audio-visual technologies.


Greenveins, a large international research project financed by the European Commission -Vulnerability of biodiversity in the Agro-ecosystem as influenced by Green Veining and Land-use Intensity (Greenveins EVK2-2000-22010), was in progress from 2000 - 2005. The NCA participated in the project together with other organisations by means of methodology preparation, monitoring of a set of localities within PLAs and by data assessing.

REC - Natura 2000

The NCA is partner of the Regional Environmental Centre in the project Nature for People, People for Nature, raising awareness about the Natura 2000 network, which has been in progress since 2003 and was partly financed by the European Commission. The project consists of two parts: field educational programmes and marking of local products as made in a Natura 2000 network territory.

Natura 2000 network implementation

The NCA (then ALPA CR), following Ministry of the Environment instructions, participated inn preparation of the Natura 2000 network draft. Besides habitat types in PLA territory mapping, of crucial significance was pre-negotiation and provision of basic information to municipalities, main plot owners and users about the proposed special protection area and special areas of conservation. Pre-negotiation was managed by the NCA in the whole country except for the national park territories. The results of the pre-negotiations were summarised in the 2003 and 2004 annual reports.


The MATRA project (MATO/CZ/9/2) - Management of NATURA 2000 Sites in the Czech Republic, was in progress from 2001 to 2003. The result achieved was an exchange of experiences and practical Natura 2000 implementation in chosen pilot territories (Litovelské Pomoraví and Třeboňsko PLAs).


Training of Protected Areas Staff, a project of the Leonardo da Vinci program, was in progress from 2001 to 2003. During progress of the varied international project, European standards for expert education of employees in large-scale protected areas were established. But the real implementation of a united European system of expert education is not currently feasible.


NCA (then ALPA CR) participated in the PIN-MATRA project - Effective Communication for Biodiversity Conservation, managed by IUCN from 1998 to 2003. Besides improving qualifications of employees, one of the parts of the project consisted of  two particular projects: "Regulation of Visits to the Lichnice-Kaňkovy Hory National Nature Reserve" in the Železné Hory mountains and an educational activity "Can the wolf live among us?" in Beskydy.

Nadace Partnerství (Partnership Foundation)

The NCA (then ALPA CR) joined the Nadace Partnerství program supporting a participative attitude towards nature and landscape conservation "Creating Partnerships in Communities". Besides this, some activities took place in Beskydy, Bílé Karpaty and Broumovsko PLAs.


During 1997 - 2001, NCA (then ALPA CR) employees actively participated in the project "Europarc Expertise Exchange”, the main object of which was to improve qualification of the participating employees and work places (through participants).

State environmental fund of the Czech Republic

In the second half of the 1990’s, the NCA (then ALPA CR) managed a large portion of small-scale protected areas or carried out complex management including plot purchasing and management plan preparation, which was financed by the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic. Since 2000, the NCA has been purchasing plots in the most significant protected areas, which become state property and are financed by the fund (according to contracts No. 7230038, 1920431, 1680431).

Global Environment Facility (GEF)

The GEF Biodiversity Conservation Project was in progress during 1993 - 1998. The PLA Administration of Pálava gained 12 million CZK, which was spent on restoration management of localities, educational and public awareness activities and better equipment for the NCA.



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Regional Offices

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