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Management plans

The management plan for a protected area and its buffer zone (hereinafter “management plan”) is defined in act No. 114/1992 Gazette on nature and landscape protection (hereinafter “act”), section 38, article 1, in the following way: " The management plan for a specially protected area and its buffer zone (hereinafter "management plan") is a professional and conceptual document on nature protection, which, on the basis of data on previous development and the present status of the specially protected area, shall propose measures for preserving or improving the status of the subject of the protection in the specially protected area, and for safeguarding the specially protected area against adverse influences from the surroundings in its buffer zone."

The management plan shall serve as a basis for other kinds of planning documents and for decision‑making of nature protection authorities. It shall not be binding either for individuals or legal entities. Preparation of a management plan shall be ensured by the nature protection authority competent to designate the specially protected area. Preparation of management plans for national parks, protected landscape areas, national nature reserves and national nature monuments shall be ensured by the Ministry of Environment through the Nature Conservation Agency or NP authorities. NCA is in charge of preparing management plans for other small-size protected areas (nature reserves and nature monuments) within PLAs. Detailed information about the management plan content for each category of protected areas is stipulated in act No. 64/2011. Furthermore, the Ministry of the Environment published methodical instructions in its bulletin.

Section 38 of the Act on nature and landscape protection also sets out handling proceedings. A nature protection authority shall publish the notification on the public administration portal, and shall send it to the concerned municipalities, which shall publish it on their official boards. Before approving it, it should deal with the observations of the owners, municipalities, and regions. The nature protection authority shall approve the management plan usually for a period of 10 to 15 years and appropriate conservation authorities shall provide for its implementation.




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