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What is GIS


GIS data of NCA CR

What is GIS

Geographical information systems (GIS) are tools enabling space-oriented data processing. Click here for detailed information. Generally, they can be defined as digital processing of maps and information related to them. They include space information (a layer) and a table. To understand it better, and to see a concrete example, we will look at how a map placed on these webpages has been made.

First, we take a map of the Czech Republic with the borders marked. We choose the right key (colour, thickness, line type.. etc.).

Then we designate landscape protected areas in the map.

The NCA CR has no competence within the national parks, however. Key layers (colours, hatching) are chosen with regard to the final composition, i.e. the important points to be stressed as against the less important ones.

It is the same in case of military areas...

But the NCA CR is competent regarding national nature reserves and monuments even outside PLA borders...

Because of this, territorial competence of each PLA is marked out.

And if we put everything together, we have the result:


The ESRI platform, especially ArcGIS is used to process all GIS tasks. Some offices, however, are also equipped with other specialized applications. NCA CR headquarters has three GIS specialized employees which use ARCInfo. Each regional office (PLA administration and Regional office) has one GIS employee, but they attend to other tasks too (all IT). The layers that are created here are digitalized in a standard way, which means according to the general map of the Czech Republic (1: 10 000). In the case of some maps, full colour orthophotomap or land register maps are used. Beside these, we also have licences to access a range of other data provided by other state organisations that are used for internal needs.

GIS data of NCA CR

The Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic is responsible for the following data layers:

- borders of all Czech specially protected areas (National parks, Protected landscape areas, National nature reserves, National nature monuments, Nature reserves, Nature monuments) and their buffer zones

- zoning of NPs and PLAs

- Monument trees

- national and regional system of ecological stability

- SPAs and SCI/SACs - parts of NATURA 2000 network, habitat types

- other international categories (Ramsar sites, IBA, IPA, biosphere reserves, ...)

The data can be acquired by a written contract. If you are interested in using our data, contact the head of out IT section. ESRI shapefile, S-JTSK system and digitization above ZM 10 (Zabaged2) is the standard format of our data. The data are accessible on our mapserver (still only in Czech).



Regional Offices

Regional Offices

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