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Geological Heritage


Abiotic nature deserves conservation as well as biodiversity. Arguments for the conservation of abiotic nature are:

- Geology of the Czech Republic is very diverse. It illustrates a continuously changing past over hundreds of millions of years. Changing climate, evolving life, rising and falling sea, mountain building, submarine and aerial volcanism are all parts of the republic¢ s geological history

- Geology directly influences the character of landscape, habitats and species. The diverse and dynamic geological past has produced the diversity of landscapes we see around us

- Geology influences climate and soils

- Geology is cruical for all factors on which the function of ecosystems is based on - climate, landscape, soil substrate, living organisms

- Gelogy tells us how the environment has changed and reacted to changes

- To understand ecosystems and better manage our environment we have to bring together understanding of biodiversity and geodiversity

- Protection and management of geodiversity and biodiversity together is mutually benefitial. Geological heritage and biodiverity often coincide, overlay each other.

Legislative for the conservation of the geological heritage

Conservation of the geological heritage in the Czech republic comes out from the following:

Act No. 114/1992 Gazette, on the nature and landscape protection

Regulation No. 395/1992 of the Czech MoE, implementing certain provisions of nature and landscape protection act

Act No. 71/1994 Gazette, on sale and export of objects which have a cultural value

Act No. 122/2000 Gazette on protection of collections which have a muzeal character

Act No. 183/2006 Gazette, on town and country planning and building regulations (Building act)

Actual situation

The Czech Republic applies all of the methods for conservation of geosites and geo-areas mentioned in the Recommendation of the Council of Europe, Committee of Ministers, on conservation of the geological heritage and areas of special geological interestRecommendation of the Council of Europe, Committee of Ministers, on conservation of the geological h (dokument Adobe PDF)55.2 KB).

Czech state ensures the conservation of the geological heritage through the general nature conservation (geosites as so called significant landscape components, parts of the system of ecological stability, protection of caves and carst, protection of the paleontological findings) and by special territorial conservation (various types of reserves). The state provide financial resources for management of sites in accordance with their management plans.



Regional Offices

Regional Offices

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