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Environmental education

Environmental ecological education and edification shall be conducted in a manner that leads to a way of acting and thinking that is in compliance with sustainable development, to awareness of responsibility for conserving the quality of the environment and its elements and to respect for all forms of life (Act No. 17/1992 Gazette on the Environment, section 16).

Information to the public

The Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic provide the public with information according to Act No. 106/1999 Gazette on free access to information and according to Act No. 123/1999 on access to environmental information. For more information, go to the provision of information section.

Activities for the public

Regional branches - organise a number of activities for the public during the whole year. They most often relate to Earth Day, and European Day of Parks.

European Day of Parks

European Day of Parks takes place every year on May 25th and is declared by the Europarc Federation. On this occasion regional offices organise activities for the public: walking and cycling excursions, exhibition openings, open days,  lectures, opening of new or reconstructed nature paths, orienteering and other special activities. For a complete list of activities go to

Exhibitions, lectures, excursions

NCA CRs staff attend to education in nature protection. They mostly organise lectures and excursions for people of various ages and interests (for example for teachers, pupils and students, farmers or the public). In 2014, 362 lectures, which were attended by 10,200 people, 437 excursions with 14,364 people participating and 35 exhibitions took place. Some workplaces also organised competitions for children and adults (for example photographic competition and exhibition of the works).

Information and educational centres


The House of Nature Programme

The programme of the House of Nature that comprises of the implementation and operation of visitor and information centres in PLAs constitutes a backbone of the visitor infrastructure system of the NCA. The funds needed for the implementation of the project were acquired from the EU structural funds. The program has been providing support to both governmental and private investors (NGOs, municipalities) and was built on the principles of the PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects. The House of Nature is a living project built on the regional partners and resources. The project does not only stand for an attractive exposition appealing to visitors, but it is also a place and means of active involvement of local public in protection and care for local natural and cultural heritage. The design and focus of the centres, that are part of the House of Nature project, have been developed following the unified architectural concept and a manual for designing of the NCA visitor centres. Currently, thanks to the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) financing, there are 8 Houses of Nature open and running alongside with 7 information centres in 12 PLAs.

The House of Nature of Litovelské Pomoraví is a joint project of the NCA, the City of Olomouc, the Town of Litovel and Sluňákov Charitable Trust, that operates the House. The construction of the house started in 2008 and was completed in 2014. The unique gallery in nature with intentionally composed landscape model features alluvial landscape of the Morava River as seen through the eyes of leading contemporary artists. The visitors stroll circling around the path taking the visitors to certain points of interest bringing them an intensive experience.

More information you can find on

In the area of ecological education, the PLA administrations also cooperate with other subjects, especially municipalities, NGOs, tourist information centres, local farmers and companies.

Nature paths

NCA CR administers 90 nature paths within PLA areas.


The main Czech nature conservation magazine Ochrana Přírody (Nature Conservation) is published by NCA CR. The staff participates regularly in other magazines, and/or employees are members of their editorials. The most important magazine is Krkonoše - Jizerské Hory (Krkonoše - Jizerské Hory Mountains).

Some PLA administrations publish or participate in publishing of other magazines together with other subjects.Cooperation with media

Equally important is NCA CR cooperation with media. The NCA CR and its regional branches often provide information about nature conservation to regional press and participate in countrywide or regional TV and radio programmes. .




Regional Offices

Regional Offices

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