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Economic tools

Apart from the protection of protected areas according to approved management plans, NCA CR uses a range of other economic tools to conserve nature and to protect landscape.

They include the Ministry of the Environment’s landscape management programmes. Their aim is to support measures preserving the landscape’s cultural status, contributing to species diversity maintenance, improving natural processes in the landscape, strengthening the functions of significant landscape elements and components of the territorial system of ecological stability, etc. There exist these MoE programmes in the Czech Republic:

- Landscape management programme

- River systems restoration programme

- State property in PAs programme

State Environmental Fund of the CR operates the Landscape Enhancement Programme, for which NCA CR is the advisory.

NCA CR actively participates in the preparation of other national/regional programmes and programmes financed through European Community funds (Operational Programme ”Environment”, Flood Prevention Programme II, Rural Development Programme, etc.).

NCA CR also carries out the payment of financial compensations for the burden on agricultural, forestry and fish-pond management due to nature conservation.

NCA CR is a contact point and an expert body for providing compensation of damages caused by selected specially protected animals (Act No. 115/2000 Gazette).



Regional Offices

Regional Offices

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