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LIFE+ "Butterflies CR - SR"

Integrated Protection of Rare Butterfly Species of Non-forest Habitats in the Czech Republic and Slovakia


LIFE Project Number

LIFE09 NAT/CZ/000364


Butterflies CZ-SK

Coordinating beneficiary

Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (NCA CR)

Associated beneficiaries

Czech Union for Nature Conservation, Local Chapter White Carpathians (ZO ČSOP Bílé Karpaty)

Czech Union for Nature Conservation Local Chapter Jadernička (ZO ČSOP Jadernička)

State Nature Conservation of Slovakia (SNC SR)

Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development (BROZ)

Co-financer’s contribution

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic (MoE CZ)

Ministry of the Environment of the Slovakia (MoE SR)

Project realisation time

Project start date: 01/01/2011

Project end date: 31/12/2016


Total costs €6,447,799




Project objectives:

The project will contribute to halting loss of biodiversity and strengthening the Natura 2000 network in the project area through active protection of non-forest habitats and species of Community and national importance by applying suitable management and by maintaining and restoring a favourable conservation status of these species.

Expected results

- Providing conditions for consolidation and/or improvement of the conservation status of target species of European and national importance and of their non-forest habitats.

- Increase in overall biological diversity as a result of the realised management and restoration activities.

- Creating material, technical and institutional prerequisites for sustainable management of the target species populations in relation with traditional / alternative types of management.

- Increase in public awareness concerning the protection of butterflies, valuable non-forest habitats and their sustainable exploitation.

- Strengthening of cooperation among governmental and non-governmental nature conservation authorities and organisations, landowners and land-tenants concerning the protection of non-forest communities in the project area.

Achieved results

Thanks to this project we managed at least part of the White Carpathian landscape in a way that supports the former diversity and restores open vegetation at many neglected sites. Shrubs were cleared from 385 ha of abandoned meadows and pastures and 25 km of hedges were pruned. On more than 1000 hectares mosaic mowing was applied and grazing was restored at an area of over 500 hectares. In this way not only populations of European protected butterfly species but also other rare plants and animals are consolidated. Involving the local people into the management and restoration of sites was very important. Thanks to 45 field excursions for over 1300 people, a new training programme (attended by 2837 pupils) and presentation of the project at other events, a public of all ages acquired higher awareness of the values of the White Carpathians.



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Regional Offices

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