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SGSII-27 the Oak Jewel Beetle

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Project name: Preparation of the Action Plan for the Oak Jewel Beetle (Eurythyrea quercus)

Project Nr.: MGSII - 27

Project location: Veselí nad Moravou town, the Moravian Karst area, the Břeclavsko area (the South Moravia Region), the Náměšťsko area (the Vysočina Region), the Křivoklátsko area (the Central Bohemia Region), the Třeboňsko area (the South Bohemia Region) a.o.

Financial support: EEA Grants, Small Grants Scheme (SGSII) entitled “Action Plans for Endangered Species II’, support area 2: “Revision and Preparation of New Action Plans and Management Plans for Endangered Plant and Animal Species”

Total Resources: 1,464,951,- Kč CZK incl. VAT

Financing: Financial resources from EEA Grants are assigned in the amount of 1,245,208 CZK, which is 85% of the anticipated total project expenditure. The state budget grants financial resources in the amount of 219,743 CZK, which is 15% of the anticipated total project expenditure.

Project duration: 1.2.2015 – 30.4.2017

Project partners: no partners

Project guarantee:

Project Objective and Scope:

The key objective of this project is to prepare the new Action Plan for the critically endangered Oak jewel beetle (Eurythyrea quercus). The project will consist of preparation of the action plan, which requires extensive analysis of the occurrence and potential of recent and sub-recent sites, a matter which the project pays great attention to.

Project activities:

Comprehensive Research in Literature

The first step in preparing the action plan for the beetle will be comprehensive research of the relevant professional literature. The information obtained will form an important basis for preparation of the action plan draft.

Field Survey in the Sites

Eurythyrea quercus is not an unknown species, but especially as regards its recent occurrence, not enough underlying data are available, similarly as with trends in its individual local populations and the species throughout the Czech Republic. Several new sites, however, have been discovered recently, or its occurrence has been proven at sites where it had not occurred for decades, for instance, in Byci skala and Veseli nad Moravou after 2000. Besides that, there are other areas where the species may occur, such as the Jihlava and Rokytna river valleys in Western Moravia and the Krivoklat region, and we want to pay attention to these areas as part of the field survey. All the populated trees must be identified at each site, and an estimate will have to be made of trees which are suitable for the development of this species which, however, are not fully populated as of now. Potentially suitable areas for the species must also be identified, both those neighbouring the areas of occurrence and those identified from literature where research will subsequently be made. This field survey and the processing of its results will also serve as the basis for a proposal regarding specific measures for support of the species, based on the data obtained and the character of the site or area. The species will also be monitored as part of the site survey at each specific site.

Preparation of Data in the GIS

Data obtained from the field survey will be used for a newly created data layer in the Geographical Information System giving the occurrence of the species and suitable biotopes, to be used in the preparation of the action plan draft.

Preparation of the Action Plan Draft

The draft will contain a detailed description of the biology and ecology of the species, its conservation status, causes of threats and current measures for the protection of the species. The results from up-to-date field surveys will also allow us to make a detailed description of its recent occurrence and population trends in the Czech Republic. Based on this information, the long-term and medium-term objectives of the action plan will be defined. Subsequently, specific measures will be planned which will help to achieve the defined objectives. They will consist primarily of excluding selected potentially suitable trees from the forest margins, partial removal of the bark, and also opening up of stands, removal of self-seeding tree species from around specific trees, arboriculture management aiming to prolong the life of populated trees, leaving a specific quantity of reserve trees in the stand and planting oak trees in specific meadows in the populated area and its environs.

Review of the Action Plan Draft

As we need the action plan to be of high quality in all possible respects, it must be submitted for review by two external experts in saproxylic insects. The comments from the reviewers will subsequently be addressed and any possible changes will be incorporated into the finished action plan.

Project Publicity

As part of the project publicity, an introductory and closing informational seminar will be held. The project will also be presented at two professional conferences and its website will be established and updated on a running basis.




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