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SGSII-10 Gentianella praecox bohemica

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Project name: Realisation of Management Measures and Monitoring of the Gentianella praecox subsp. bohemica Plant within the Action Plan

Project Nr.: MGSII - 10

Project location: The Orlicke Mountains (Horecky Nature Reserve), Ceskomoravska Highlands (Cichov borough, Nature Monuments Na Jalovci, Kamenny vrch and Jersinska stran), South Bohemia (Hroby Nature Reserve, Vysenske kopce National Nature Reserve), Boletice military estates area (Olymp hill), the whole Czech Republic

Financial support: EEA Grants, Small Grants Scheme (SGSII) entitled “Action Plans for Endangered Species II’, support area 1: “Realisation of Approved Action Plans and Management Plans for Endangered Plant and Animal Species”

Total Resources: 417,585 CZK incl. VAT

Financing: Financial resources from EEA Grants are assigned in the amount of 354,947 CZK, which is 85% of the anticipated total project expenditure. The state budget grants financial resources in the amount of 62,638 CZK, which is 15% of the anticipated total project expenditure.

Project duration: 1.4.2015 – 31.7.2016

Project partners:

  • ČSOP Silvatica (Czech Association for Nature Conservation, NGO)

Project guarantee:

Project Objective and Scope:

Gentianella praecox subsp. bohemica is a sub-endemic species in the Czech Republic whose occurrence extends into the border areas in Germany, Austria and Poland. Most of its natural range lies in our country, and in the past its occurrence was scattered to abundant from lowlands to mountains. Despite the difficulties in determining the species, in particular as regards distinguishing from the related taxa of the Gentianella genus, there have been historical records evidencing its occurrence at more than 700 sites in the whole range. In recent times, since the mid-20th century, there has been a major decline in its populations, with currently 73 known sites where the species has occurred at least once since 2000. However, regular monitoring is now only carried out at 68 of them, as 5 sites have become extinct in the past few years.

The project covers 7 sites where suitable management was provided. They are the Horecky Nature Reserve in the Orlicke Mountains; the Na Jalovci Nature Monument, the Kamenny vrch Nature Monument, a slope near the railway stop in the borough of Cichov and the Jersinska stran Nature Monument in the Ceskomoravska Highlands; the Hroby Nature Monument in the Tabor region; and the Vysenske kopce National Nature Reserve in the Blansky les region. Repatriation of the species was continued at the Olymp hill site near village Boletice.

Project Activities:

Biotope Management

The management measures was included moving, goat pasture and bush removal at the sites, accompanied by sod disturbance depending on the stage of the vegetation succession and the biotope conditions at each site.

Support for the Recent Populations

Support for the recent populations was carried out at the Na Jalovci Nature Monument  where the number of flowering plants of this species has been low for a long time. The measures are intended to guarantee that as many seeds as possible reach places with optimum conditions for germination and growth.

Monitoring of the Populations

The 68 recent sites where the species occurs were monitored and the number of flowering plants was recorded in the season, at the time of full bloom or at the beginning of the seed production period. Data of the current condition of the site, i.e., management, vegetation conditions, etc., was also recorded at sites under extensive monitoring. Besides that, intense monitoring of the plants characteristics will be carried out at 29 sites.

Repatriation of the Species

Repatriation has been underway since 2012 near the village Boletice in three sowing areas at a predetermined site on Olymp hill, where the historical occurrence of the species is proven. The project assumes further sowing and monitoring in season 2015.

Project Publicity

The project publicity was comprised an introductory informational seminar and an excursion to the site Hroby Nature Monument in the Tabor region where the species occurs. There were also produced three types of promotial materials – memory game, textile bag and coaster. More information about implementation of this project are available at News on project websites.


Gentianella_praecox-subsp._bohemica_author:_ J._Brabec Gentianella_praecox-subsp._bohemica_author:_ J._Brabec Gentianella_praecox-subsp._bohemica_author:_ J._Brabec

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