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International Co-operation

Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic /NCA CR/ is involved in many activities requiring close co-operation with foreign institutions and organizations. In the framework of international co-operation NCACR contributes to the fulfillment of obligations arising from a number of international conventions, European directives and membership in various international organizations.


European directives

NCA CR is involved in implementation of the following European directives:

  • Council Directive 2009/147/EC on the Conservation of Wild Birds (Bird Directive)
  • Council Directive 92/43/EC on the Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora (Habitats Directive)

More information on Natura 2000 in the Czech Republic find here

  • Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC


International organisations

NC ACR is a member of ETC/BD consortium of EEA

NCA CR is a partner of ECNC

NC ACR is a member of IUCN in a category of governmental body

NCA CR co-operates with Council of Europe

NCA CR is a member of EUROPARC Federation and its newly established Central-Eastern section.

NCA CR is a national coordinator of CNPA



Four Protected Landscape Areas (Bile Karpaty, Krivoklatsko, Palava and Trebonsko) are  UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserves.


Some PLA include Ramsar wetland sites. These are Trebonsko (Trebon fishponds Ramsar site, Trebon mires), Litovelske Pomoravi (Litovelske Pomoravi), Poodri (Poodri), Kokorinsko - Máchův kraj (Libechovka and Psovka Brook,  Novozamecky/Brehynsky fishponds), Moravsky kras (Punkva subterranean stream), Slavkovský les (Pramenné vývěry a rašeliniště Slavkovského lesa), Jizerské hory (Horní Jizera). Other Ramsar wetlands are managed by Administrations of PLA even outside PLAs: Lednice fishponds, Floodplain of lower Dyje River, Krusnohorska mountain mires.


Bile Karpaty and Cesky kras PLAs hold European Diploma awarded by the Council of Europe.


Cesky raj (whose part is PLA of the same name) has become an UNESCO Global Geopark.



Regional Offices

Regional Offices

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