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Executive agenda

Executive agenda

Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, as a governmental institution, carries out state administration. The extent of state administration is specified by Act No. 114/1992 Gazette on nature and landscape protection in the wording of subsequent regulations. Agency carries out state administration in protected landscape areas, and also in national nature reserves and national nature monuments outside national parks and military areas.

NCA CR is also competent to some extent regarding CITES and administer and serve as an expert guarantor for compensation of damages caused by certain specially protected animals (Act No 115/2000 Gazette). The territorial competence of regional offices follow internal organisational regulation.

Short characteristics of each PLA you can find in a publication National Parks and Protected Landscape Areas of the Czech Republic (NP a CHKO CR en maly.pdf (dokument Adobe PDF)3.0 MB).

The NCA CR carries out management in protected landscape areas, national nature reserves, national nature monuments and in SPAs. In addition, NCA CR provides expert, methodical, educational, informational and documentational services for the whole territory of the Czech Republic.




Regional Offices

Regional Offices

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